Here are the Top 4 Benefits of Telehealth for Patients.

1. Expands access to care and reaches more patients

Especially with an increasing physician shortage, telehealth can help stretch our provider networks in new ways to expand access to high-quality care. Telehealth is used to reach patients everywhere. Telehealth can be used for midlevel patient education as well as diagnosis, reaching people in new ways.

2. Cuts patient costs

Our patients spend a lot of money seeking healthcare, especially quality healthcare. With a telehealth visit, the doctor comes to the patient on their phone, laptop, or another digital device. Imagine how the cost of travel, parking, childcare, and taking time off work can accumulate. In rural areas, it takes additional effort to travel to a remote doctor’s facility and it can be stressful. A patient survey showed that 40% of patients said, if they did not have access to virtual visits, they would skip treatment. Provisions Health provides telehealth visits starting at $75. This cost will save you time, money, and stress.

3. Improves healthcare quality

Telemedicine makes it easier and more convenient for patients to stay healthy and engaged in their health care. Patients love the convenience, flexibility and real-time care with their providers. Telemedicine can improve the quality of care for patients with both medical and mental health conditions. A recent study showed that with telemedicine, patients had:

  • 38% fewer hospital admissions
  • 31% fewer hospital re-admissions
  • 63% more likely to spend fewer days in the hospital
  • Were more engaged in their healthcare

4. Improves patient satisfaction

The key performance indicator for healthcare is patient satisfaction. Studies are showing that telehealth patients 99% satisfied with their telehealth visits. When you are not feeling well, you typically would rather stay on your couch or in your bed. Provisions Health can provide that for you.

TELEHEALTH IS GROWING! By the end of 2018, seven million Americans will use telehealth technology. Just five years ago, that number stood at a quarter of a million. Provisions Health is Talk to our team about telehealth and how you can book your first appointment. (715) 797-0971 – Call or Text!