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Caring for the health of your employees: Employer Health Solutions

The goal of our wellness programs are to help employees prevent and overcome health-related concerns by creating health habits and behaviors. We believe the focus of wellness should promote both mental and physical.

Provisions Health customizes wellness programs to meet your needs at your workplace, in our clinics or virtually.

Our program provides the necessary tools to incorporate wellness and maintaining good health into your company culture.  Encourage your staff to be well through assessments, education, challenges, social encouragement and rewards. 

Features include:

Health risk assessment

– Group wellness challenges

– Individual wellness challenges

– Biometrics


– Wellness education

– Wellness rewards/incentives

The workplace is ideal for addressing employee health and wellbeing. 

Our program makes employees aware of and educated about health risks and how they can affect the body, the mind and the workplace. The Provisions Health Wellness program includes fun and motivating challenges for employees at all stages of their health journey. The challenges encourage next steps and health habits. Our wellness rewards options will aid in motivating employees to take positive action to improve and maintain their good health. We will provide tracking solutions and tools to help you advocate good health in your workplace environment.

Workplace Wellness Programs can transform corporate culture and change lives.

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